Salary of the Scrum Master in 2021

Salary of the Scrum Master in 2021

What salary does the Scrum Master position receive? A hot question in 2021 and will probably be in 2022, as the Scrum Master enters more and more as a sought-after position by IT companies.

Scrum masters in general have been around for quite a few years, but seem to have been limited in the trial period of adaptation in the processes of many companies. HR departments, owners of IT and companies, and the Scrum Masters themselves are probably still specifying a salary for this position in our country.

Salary of Scrum Master around the world

The trends in the remuneration of the Scrum Master position in the countries where Scrum software development processes have been practiced for many years are such that the salary of the Scrum Master is quite similar in value to the salary of the IT project manager position.

Many large IT companies have the same pay for these two positions, which may contradict the concepts and relationship of responsibilities between the two positions and the perception of these two positions and responsibilities generally by outside business and HR individuals. In the Western world, a scrum master’s salary can be around $ 100,000 a year.

The Scrum Master’s salary in small countries

The Scrum Master’s salary in small countries follows this trend according to the sparsely shared information on the salaries offered in the IT sector. Beginners in the Scrum Master craft can receive about $ 2,000 net salary, while advanced Senior Scrum Masters can have a net salary of $ 7,000, and in some cases more than that amount.

Be sure to learn a little more about what Scrum Master is and the differences between an IT project manager and a scrum master. At the same time, it can be assumed that despite the great differences, the stress, responsibilities, and competencies for the two positions require the same energy, skills, and dedication. Therefore, we can assume that these two salaries are so similar.

According to, the salary of a professional Scrum Master is $ 95,167. This is an interesting and curious amount. We can assume that this is a statistical calculation. However, let’s look at specific cases by country and share specific names of organizations.

In total in the USA, the online platform Glassdoor shows an amount of 97,319 / yr.

Here are the amounts listed for each organization and country separately

United States

Organization Annual Salary Number of shared salaries
Capital One $ 92,786 51
Kitestring Technical Services $ 93,426 42
IBM $ 91,212 31
Cognizant Technology Solutions $ 78,644 26
J.P. Morgan $ 93,532 25
Renee Systems $ 80,252 20
Fidelity Investments $ 87,949 20
Nationwide $ 96,214 19
Accenture $ 73,224 19
UnitedHealth Group $ 96,311 18
PNC Financial Services Group $ 89,982 18
USAA $ 92,788 18
Atos-Syntel $ 84,811 15
TransUnion $ 100,444 15
AT&T $ 90,310 13
Cyber $ 99,003 13
State Farm $ 83,585 12
Liberty Mutual Insurance $ 117,212 12
Sudhi Infomatics $ 86,646 11

Employees of Liberty Mutual Insurance, Ciber, TransUnion, USAA, UnitedHealth Group, and Nationwide seem to be the most satisfied at the moment.

The average annual salary in New York City, NY Area is $ 101,533

More than ten thousand employees shared details. Their professional experience is on average 3 years.

Raleigh-Durham, NC Area

Annual: $ 100,000
Type of employment: Full time
Survey participants: over 10 thousand.

Charleston, SC Area

Annual: $ 105,926
Type of employment: Full time
Survey participants: 500

Washington, DC Area

Hourly rate: $ 75 per hour

Houston, TX Area

Annual: $ 110,000
Type of employment: Full time


Salaries for Scrum Master in Canada are listed in Canadian dollars.

Organization: Absolute
Annual: CA $ 79,460

Organization: Desjardins
Annual: CA $ 72,657

Organization: Scotiabank
Annual: CA $ 90,314

Organization: Manulife
Annual: CA $ 82,177

Organization: ATB Financial
Annual: CA $ 91,370

Annual: CA $ 100.67

Organization: Yellow Pages
Annual: CA $ 90,857

Organization: LoyaltyOne
Annual: CA $ 105,691

Organization: Flipp
Annual: CA $ 91,594

Organization: Logibec
Annual: CA $ 91,857

Organization: BMO Financial Group
Annual: CA $ 88K – CA $ 101K

Organization: Bell Canada
Annual: CA $ 63K – CA $ 83K

Expect a follow-up report soon. We will include more countries.

During this time, you can share your Scrum Master salary. You can use your real name or nickname. We will use your data to update the data in the report regularly.

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