The Lean Product Development guru Don Reinertsen

When we are talking about Scrum, Agile and Lean product development we always remember Edwin’s stories about the Lean Product Development professional Don Reinertsen. Edwin is Clarus’ founder and CEO. He is an intense Agile advocate with a strong experience in Scrum. Edwin has been accountable for advancing Scrum and Agile to various businesses everywhere in New Zealand.

Acknowledged Scrum Master and Coach

Edwin has a strong knowledge of project management, advising and software development. He has a BSc in Computer Science and is an Acknowledged Scrum Master and Coach with

As an extremely motivated person, Edwin has produced distinguished enterprise projects in his career. He deeply believes in sustainable business and supports all companies counting three bottom lines – value, environmental and human.

Edwin lies in several organizations including the Canterbury University Software Engineering Industry Advisory Panel. Agile project management is his second nature.

The Lean Product Development guru Don Reinertsen is in New Zealand

As you know we are gearing up to bring Lean Product Development guru Don Reinertsen out to New Zealand next month and it has been really interesting for me to discover the lack of supporting material on the internet to give you an idea of what’s in store.

For someone who’s books have been read by thousands, if not millions, of fans and who has changed the way some of the world’s biggest companies design and manufacture products – there is surprisingly little about Don Reinertsen on the internet. In fact, John Key’s pink shirt probably has had more coverage this week.

However, when I sat down and thought about it Don’s limited profile is probably not a bad thing. What do we all want from a master class?

Well, I for one want to get high-level information from someone at the leading edge that is going to give me some kind of business advantage. I don’t want to learn stuff that I can get out of a text book and I certainly don’t want to sit through something I can get off a YouTube video of a presentation that was delivered somewhere else.

The fact that Don requires you to bring a calculator should be indication enough that this is something pretty unique. I have been fortunate to attend one of his presentations in the US and while it sounds over the top to say its life-changing, if it’s not that it is certainly business changing. You won’t come out of this and develop products in the same way; it will challenge you to think and work differently and that has to be a good thing – particularly for those of us who have been doing this for some time.

Lean, Agile and Product management for the people of Australia

And it won’t be a regurgitation of what is in his latest book by the same name – nor will it be identical to what to he delivers in Australia a few days before. Needless to say, the events won’t be filmed or recorded and the only way to get the Reinertsen advantage will be to go. A big part of investing in an event like this is to get a competitive edge and you can’t get that if every quote the presenter’s made or presentation they’ve ever given is freely and widely available on the internet.

So while it is tempting to grab publicity at every opportunity and buy into freely distributing your IP there is a case for remaining an international man of mystery and being able to deliver something truly unique and of high value to those who pay to hear you share it.

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