Top 40 Project Management certifications for 2022

The best project management certifications are listed in this report and the information refers to reliable sources which are listed below.

Top Project Management Certifications

Today, Project Management certification is an important step for any professional in the business and technology world. Managing complex processes requires deep knowledge. In addition, communication with stakeholders and different teams requires management skills.

Creating project plans is done carefully to define any requirements that a modern certified project manager has to define. In other words, read the whole article carefully and make your own analyzes and conclusions.

Best 40 Project Management certifications for 2022

The report describes all the Top popular project management certifications in the world for 2021. Also, we share tends to develop in 2023. Moreover, we defined this list by indicating the seeding programs according to their popularity and trend. Additionally, we quoted their reliable sources of valid information.

The ranking of the proposals is according to the factors of increasing popularity, innovation, and market penetration.

Furthermore, we present several lists according to their orientation. The first list contains general project management certification programs. The following are lists of brands. Additionally, we present proposals for Agile certification from various organizations.

List of general certification programs

  • BVOPM: BVOP Certified Project Manager
  • BVOPGD: BVOP Certified Program Director
  • CIPM: Certificate In Project Management
  • IntroCIPM: Introductory Certificate In Project Management
  • CrtAgPM: Certificate in Agile Project Management
  • CrtAPM: Certificate in Advanced Project Management
  • CrtPME: Project Management Essentials
  • CrtPRM: Certificate In Project Risk Management
  • CrtEVM: Earned Value Management
  • CIPM-RT: Certificate In PM with specialization in Roads & Transport
  • PM² Basic: PM² Basic Certification
  • PM² Essentials: PM² Essentials Certification
  • PM² Advanced: PM² Advanced Certification
  • PM² Agile: PM² Agile Certification
  • PM² Expert: PM² Expert Certification
  • CPM: Certified Project Manager
  • PPMC: Program & Portfolio Management Certification
  • PMM: Program Management Mastery Advanced Certification
  • CAPM: Certified Associate in Project Management
  • CompTIA Project+: CompTIA Project+
  • APM: Associate in Project Manager

BVOP® Agile certificates

  • BVOP® Certified Project Manager (BVOPM)
  • BVOP® Certified Program Director (BVOPGD)
  • BVOP® Certified Agile Director (BVOAD)
  • BVOP® Certified Product Manager (BVOPDM)
  • BVOP® Certified Product Owner (BVOPO)
  • BVOP® Senior Scrum Master (BVOSM)
  • BVOP® Human Resources Manager (BVOPPM)

Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications

  • PMP: Project Management Professional
  • PMI-PBA: PMI Professional in Business Analysis
  • PMI-RMP: PMI Risk Management Professional
  • PMI-SP: PMI Scheduling Professional
  • PgMP: Program Management Professional
  • PfMP: Portfolio Management Professional

IPMA programs with different degrees of competence

  • IPMA Level D: Certified Project Management Associate
  • IPMA Level C: Certified Project Manager
  • IPMA Level B: Certified Senior Project Manager
  • IPMA Level A: Certified Project Director

Programs of ILX Group

  • PRINCE2 Foundation: PRINCE2 Foundation
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner: PRINCE2 Practitioner

Offerings for Agile project management certification

  • PMI-ACP: PMI Agile Certified Practitioner
  • PRINCE2 Agile Foundation: PRINCE2 Agile Foundation
  • PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner: PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner
  • CSM: Certified Scrum Master
  • A-CSM: Advanced Certified ScrumMaster
  • CSP-SM: Certified Scrum Professional ScrumMaster
  • CSPO: Certified Scrum Product Owner
  • CAL: Certified Agile Leadership

BVOPM: BVOP Certified Project Manager

We start with this program first because has created its own training materials aimed entirely at the modern management society.

BVOP Certified Project Manager is a title obtained by professionals aiming at process optimization and delivering business value in all work activities and in the daily work of the responsible project manager.

The title quickly gained momentum over the past year and in 2020 became a top choice for many early adopters and managers looking for different and modern views.

Also, the Agile-oriented essence of BVOP teaching is combined with solid traditional management approaches and practices. In conclusion, this makes this methodology valuable for modern business.

The study includes Kaizen, Waterfall, Scrum, and product principles and practices. In conclusion, this makes BVOP certified project managers highly preferred staff for modern product companies.

Title: BVOP Certified Project Manager
: $ 130
Organization: Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd.
Founded: 2018
Certificate validity: indefinite/lifetime
Taking the exam: online

PPMC: Program & Portfolio Management Certification

Project Management Leadership Group, Inc. is an organization that competes heavily with PMI both in the US market and worldwide.

PPMC offers a medium level of qualification and is aimed at “Middle” professionals with serious skills and professional practice.

Price: 2500 US $
Organization: Project Management Leadership Group, Inc.
Founded: 1998
Certificate validity: indefinite/lifetime
Headquarters: United States

CPM, Certified Project Manager is the company’s most expensive certification program. The price of the certificate is $ 5,000 with indefinite validity.

Moreover, the offer is aimed at professionals with long professional practice and serious skills. Also, you can get motivation and a sense of respect from stakeholders.

PMM, Program Management Mastery Advanced Certification is another proposal from the organization again aimed at senior professionals. The price is 2500 US $ and the certificate is indefinite.

CIPM: Certificate In Project Management

Relatively little known program in the west but with traditions in the east. International Institute of Projects & Program Management offers its training and coaching to many customers. Sometimes, they don’t have the opportunity to afford an expensive certificate from a prestigious organization. However, the proposal includes in-depth teaching of all traditional management practices.

Price: $ 100
Organization: International Institute of Projects & Program Management
Founded: 2008
Certificate validity: 5 years

IntroCIPM: Introductory Certificate In Project Management

This is another proposal of the above-mentioned International Institute of Projects & Program Management. An even more affordable price that the audience pays for a beginner title., Reference: “18 Best Project Management Certifications and Courses of 2022“,

Price: $ 50 online course and $ 20 for the exam. A total of $ 70.
Organization: International Institute of Projects & Program Management
Founded: 2008
Certificate validity: indefinite/lifetime

PM² Basic: PM² Basic Certification

A little-known organization in the world, PM² Alliance, but with a strong local presence offers this project management certification program now and not only in its local market. PM² Basic is a proposal aimed at beginners.

Price: 80 €
Organization: PM² Alliance
Founded: 2009
Certificate validity: indefinitely

PM² Essentials: PM² Essentials Certification

The PM² Alliance program this time is aimed at Middle-skilled professionals wishing to develop into the project management profession. With higher tuition fees, courses, and exams, this program also offers more competencies and more in-depth topics and practices.

Price: 180 €
Organization: PM² Alliance
Founded: 2009
Certificate validity: indefinite/lifetime
Headquarters: Belgium

Also, the organization offers advanced programs (PM² Advanced Certification). The most motivated professionals wishing for the highest qualification degree can turn to this offer. The price is € 230 and the training includes the most in-depth practices and materials offered by the organization.

CAPM: Certified Associate in Project Management

The well-known project management institute offers its certification programs all over the world through intermediary companies and re-sellers.

Moreover, many industries know this name and there is no doubt that we do not need to describe the organization in detail. Also, PMI offers its certifications from 1969 until today.

Despite its wide popularity, the organization has the second-highest prices in the world after Project Management Leadership Group, Inc. In this way, more professionals can afford this certification.

However, training and courses often have high fees as they are offered by many commercial companies and each educational institution offers its clients different fees.

Teaching topics, as well as the quality of teaching, can vary. Carefully research local companies offering CAPM: Certified Associate in Project Management. Reference: The Best Project Management Courses for 2021 and 2022, author: Marta Cooper, PolicyMatters ISSN: 1941-8280, 1941-8272, ISSN National Centre for the USA, United States,

Price: US $ 300 for the exam fee
Courses and training: Different organizations offer their own individual training and the price of the courses varies
Organization: Project Management Institute
Founded: 1969
Certificate validity: 3 years
Headquarters: United States

PMP: Project Management Professional

If you forgot to hear about CAPM this time, you can’t help but know the title PMP. Millions of professionals around the world prefer PMI PMP certification. Comparatively, this program is most popular because of the long years on the market. Nevertheless, the institute invests large resources to establish its brand globally. The trade network is extensive.

Again, we want to alert you to variations in guess quality. Each partner organization compiles its own courses and training. Carefully research local Project Management Professional (PMP) vendors. After that, we recommend that you collect real reviews from certified clients before paying for a course, seminar, or training. Also, check the authenticity and validity of the offered documents.

Price: $ 555 exam fee and $ 150 renewal fee
Courses and training: Different organizations offer their own individual training and the price of the courses varies.
Maximum total price: $ 1,500 (indicative).
Organization: Project Management Institute
Founded: 1969
Certificate validity: 3 years
Headquarters: United States

BVOP Certified Program Director

As non-direct competitors to PMI and PMLG, BVOP offers its senior management program.

The BVOP ™ Program Director certification program is aimed at program managers and directors. Senior management and stakeholders high in the hierarchy prefer this program not only for prestige. Additionally, the education and training for obtaining this diploma require serious and in-depth knowledge of all topics of The BVOP Ultimate Guide.

Those wishing to receive this title learn not only project management but also many production practices and terminology. In addition to knowledge related to the actual development of products, candidates and students also study human resources.

(Business Value-Oriented People Management, BVOPPM) and the so-called Business Value-Oriented Priorities section.

Price: $ 490
Organization: Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd.
Founded: 2018
Certificate validity: indefinite
Taking the exam: online/lifetime
148 High St, Scunthorpe DN15 6EN, United Kingdom
766 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019, USA
5796-5718 Avenue Déom, Montreal, QC, H3S 2N4, Canada


Choosing the best project management certification program depends entirely on your needs. In an addition, we have tried to give you objective information and data.

Before embarking on your career path, think about what your goals are. How do you want to develop in the future?

In addition, we will share more reviews to provide you with the most useful and reliable information.

Why get certified?

Project management certification is not a new and unique service. Also, professionals pursuing a career in project management (with their certificate) can present evidence of their competence to an employer or project sponsor.

The project management certificate is widely recognizable and highly respected because it is a guarantee of real high competence in project management. Reference: Best Project Management Certifications for 2021, author: Liam James,

However, the certification process usually requires you to go through several levels of a common complex process. Nevertheless, this includes a test of experience, a written exam with mostly open questions, solving a real case, writing an essay on a specific project, and an interview.

In each step of the exam process, highly qualified examiners focus not only on the availability of knowledge but primarily on your skills to apply the acquired competencies in real life.

Salary may depend on the possession of a certificate

Applicants often ask what value they can get with a project management certification. The knowledge gained from the intensive certification preparation process is most valuable.

In addition, another value is the demonstration to future employers or clients, proven by the successful completion of the certification process and so you demonstrate confidence in your competencies and experience.

For instance, many candidates share that the interview during the exam was one of the most memorable experiences of their careers.

Thus, the certificate is not just a piece of paper on the wall, it is a unique and difficult experience and challenge in which you increase your self-esteem and demonstrate competence applied in real situations.

Let’s quote the Project Management Association, which conducted a survey on salaries and careers in 2017.

Holder of a project management certificate earns an average of $ 72,000 euros per year. The average salary increases to $ 86,000 for middle positions. $ 105,000 euros for seniors and $ 112,000 for project directors.

The industry you work in can also affect the salary. Also, the size of the company can also have an impact.

However, the most important factor for the remuneration is the experience gained in project management and the mastered competencies demonstrated by your project management certificate.

What happens after you complete a training course?

Logically, your first step is to look for a job in the field. If you are already in a similar position, you will probably want a promotion. If you are a junior assistant you can start as a real PM.

However, here is a list of skills that you will probably need as a certified project manager.

First, create a project life cycle. This will give you a clear picture of the market and consumer analysis. Also, the controlled implementation of processes for creating a product prototype, design, etc. will be your responsibility.

BVOP related skills

Analyzing and increasing the business value of the product by reducing surpluses in the organization and among teams. Reference: BVOPM (Business Value-Oriented Project Management)

Optimization of the work process and introduction of innovations.

Ability to create project scope.

Tracking the work process and requirements.

Set goals and objectives.

Quality control and management. This is an important process in any project.

Skills to create a communication plan. This is part of the work on a project. Additionally, this plan plays an important role in the effective implementation of each task. Also, the risk of omission, lack of information, or wrong expectations is drastically reduced.

Ability to create a plan for changes in the project. Vital to the project, its scope, and deadline.

Ability to create a human resource management plan. This would play a very important role in the project life cycle in case one of the team leaves or cannot work for a while. Such situations happen every day and we must be prepared with a plan. Also, offer an alternative to replace team members in each situation. Human resources are one of the most important resources in any project. In conclusion, they must be managed smartly and efficiently.

Traditional skills

Ability to create a cost management plan.

Costs are a fundamental part of any project and without proper management, our project can be a loss at any point in the cycle.

Ability to create a risk management plan.

The risk can be predictable or unpredictable. Such a plan would reduce the negative impact of potential risks in the future. In addition, this will be in the interest of all parties to the project.

Ability to create a commissioning plan.

Controlling the individual processes and commissioning steps would lead to better results. In addition, it reduces the production time. Also, you will increase profits and add business value.

Creating a diary with lessons learned.

The experience of all team members is invaluable and should be preserved and passed on to colleagues. In addition, this will increase the productivity of the teams and you will be able to handle all current and future projects.

Create a log of team meetings and a daily log. With these diaries, you keep track of your daily work. Additionally, you exchange ideas and approaches to deal with different cases. Also, this will achieve better consistency of the project. The information in these records would be crucial in making important decisions at a later stage of the project.


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  5. Is it possible to start work immediately if I have any of the listed documents?
    I will also enjoy an internship program.
    Thank you very much

  6. Dear Jakub,

    Starting work after completing any of these programs is not guaranteed. Unfortunately, our team cannot give you a specific offer from any organization. However, many modern companies clearly state the requirement to have a popular license/document. So you probably won’t have a hard time finding a job.

  7. @Jakub Kowalcyzk,
    The most logical step after receiving a document would be to indicate your current qualification in an up-to-date CV. Then contact local HR agencies and recruiters. Every company will prefer a certified project manager to someone without documents. On average, about 300 resumes are sent per job advertisement. About 1 percent of all resumes are for candidates with the necessary diplomas.

  8. Hi guys,
    I noticed that many of the titles listed above are not described in detail as popular ones such as BVOP, PMP, IPMA and PRINCE2. Do you have any plans to complete the article? I would like to quote your post in our student newspaper. I leave my email.

  9. Hello! I recently completed my internship program and the company gave me a document for 80 hours of practical experience.
    Is there a way to use these credits for any of the mentioned curricula and get a reduction in fees?

  10. I already have two documents from prestigious organizations. Today I received my third license from BVOP. However, I am not so happy about the global crisis. My personal view is that since the beginning of the pandemic, unemployment has risen sharply. When hiring professionals, it doesn’t seem to matter so much what diplomas the candidates have. The desired salary is a major factor. And wages have fallen sharply. Students and beginners take the place of professionals with many years of experience. I hope that the working situation worldwide will improve in the next few months. I am currently unemployed, and I will be happy for any recommendations and help.

  11. I work as a Scrum Master. Mainly in software companies for almost 10 years. I know that many people are just getting into this business. For others, software development is a dream. For me, however, this is no longer something that holds my interest. We’re tired. Most projects are simple and nothing is interesting about them. Stakeholders are the same. The goals are the same. We do not work with any important and precise processes. the job is to ask the programmers when they will finish their tasks. Finally, you report to the client. You release, you deploy. That’s it. I can recommend beginners to get out of the software cliché. There are many industries where pay is high. Even higher.

  12. Dear Ronan,

    Thank you for your comment. You share a really interesting professional story. Our readers always appreciate such personal advice. However, most beginners in the profession need exactly what you no longer want. We wish you success and new challenges.

    Kind regards
    The team

  13. For years I want to develop in the field of project management. My work experience allowed me to gain some experience. During this period I had the opportunity to develop my communicative and organizational skills well, as well as to improve my ability to communicate with different people. I am a supporter of the idea that an individual must learn and acquire new knowledge throughout his life. Learning and acquiring new knowledge motivates and ambitions me strongly.

    Until now, I have developed in the humanities and I have not had contact with the IT sector, which has been developing extremely fast in recent decades. Software development activities are interesting to me. I believe that software development offers unlimited possibilities and development of humanity as a species. I find that the opportunity to work in the IT sector as a project manager will allow me to expand my views and knowledge. I will also improve my computer skills. Every new beginning for me is ambitious and motivating, like a new journey.

    I graduated in law and during my practice as a lawyer, I learned to prioritize tasks. Also to meet deadlines. Following certain protocol steps to complete each unique legal case is similar to managing IT projects.

    Also, outside of my legal experience during my work, I have been involved in the entire work process so far. Starting from the development of a new company on the market, direct sales, and attracting new customers, through the management of a small sales team to the creation and development of national distribution networks. I have a good preparation for working with all kinds of computer software products – office suites, databases. I am a positive and responsible person. I am satisfied with a job well done. I also show perfectionism in what I do.

    I think that my poor training and knowledge of software development will be difficult for me at first to do my job well. But I believe that everything is learned, and if this is an obstacle for me, I will do my best to take the time and effort to overcome the obstacles.

  14. I started working on “projects” with background, beginning, history, and end in 2009. Then, by coincidence, I started working in a security service. When I started working on projects, the topic was extremely unknown and most of the people I met here knew only about “those projects” under the Agriculture Fund, as well as about the pre-accession programs for which our country applied and absorbed funds. It was new to me too, and I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

    Over time, I managed to get to know the work well, I learned to “read” between the lines, I learned to write, and quite well, I dare say, and at the age of 25, I won my first project, with which we applied to the European Commission, more I remember him. At that time I was an ordinary administrator in the state administration and the “team”, the so-called project team was me and 2 other colleagues, the others were “bosses”.

    The “project idea” was the idea of ​​one of the bosses, who was known as one of the greatest professionals on the subject of his time (and perhaps still is). For a day, he made a few suggestions and that was it, and the deadline we had to fit in was 2 weeks. The task we had was that there should be a project and it should be sent in time for consideration (point). I will save the details here, but we succeeded, I succeeded. One week I worked only on it, literally almost around the clock, I took things to heart, although some colleagues said we would never succeed…

    The project was there, all the accompanying documents too, the future team formed and ….. sent on time. After 3 months (I’m not very sure about the deadline) came the positive answer.

    I do not intend to describe the methodology of the work, so as not to bore you. Nine years have passed since then, she is improving, and I am in a leading position in the field of “international projects”, I became one of the “bosses”. So … why is this a long intro to show you that what motivates me to enroll in this course is exactly “that” won project once there, thanks to which maybe my professional path developed in this direction.

  15. Dear Uwe Wagner,
    Your story is interesting and without a doubt credible. However, it only describes your career path. I’m sorry for what you’re feeling right now about your profession. However, hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world love their work. Whatever we go through, the important thing is to do our job well.

  16. Most of these suggestions cannot be found easily. There are no online courses for these titles. Can you make a separate list of the online trainings?

    1. Dear Linda,
      We are sorry that you were not able to find offers suitable for you. There are online trainings for all brands. Please explain exactly what you need.

  17. I recently applied for a job. I was on an interview. I was happy to find out yesterday that I was hired. However, the employer wants me a PM document. Please tell me an easy and quick way to get one.

  18. Unfortunately, there is no express way to obtain a valid document. However, you can explore the possibility of a BVOP diploma. If you can learn the BVOP Ultimate Guide quickly, you can pay the exam fee and pass it.

  19. I am collecting opinions. Please share your wisdom. My acquaintances advise me to take a Scrum Master document and work in software companies. Wages were the highest there. I’ve done my research though, and I see that salaries are high in construction and medicine as well. I don’t think the IT industry is my passion. What would you advise me? SM or PM?

  20. Poor girl. Salaries in IT sector can be decent, yes. Let me just tell you that I am quite far from the software companies, but I make twice their salary.

  21. Hello, dear people. A few months ago, I came across an article that mentioned free PM certificates of BVOP for countries affected by Covid. Unfortunately I can’t find how to apply for one anymore. Can you give me a hand.

  22. As I recall this was announced on the BVOP web site. Look in the News section or something. I don’t know if it’s still up to date

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