What is a Scrum Master and their responsibilities. Differences between Scrum Master and Project Manager.

The Scrum project development process is led by the so-called Scrum Master, who is responsible for removing obstacles to the team’s ability to fulfill its product goals and objectives.

The scrum master role has even more modern understanding, especially in the BVOP Scrum Master certification program. The Project Management Academy (PMA) also extends the classical responsibilities of the Scrum Master in their Scrum Master course and adds important activities like risk management and other traditional but very crucial moves for this Agile role.

What is a Scrum Master?

Scrum Master is not a traditional team leader or project manager but acts as a buffer between the team and the distractions of developers. The Scrum Master ensures that the Scrum process is followed and followed. Ensures that the team follows the coordinated processes within the Scrum framework, often facilitates key sessions and encourages the team to improve.

Assists the Product Owner of the project and maintains work on the product in a way that ensures that the required work and tasks are well understood so that the team can continuously progress in its development.

Helps the team understand the definition of done with communication that it engages with stakeholders.

Trains the team in the principles of Scrum in order to provide high-quality product results. Encourages self-organization within the team.

Assisting the Scrum team to avoid or remove obstacles to its progress, whether internal or external. Participates in team meetings to ensure continued progress.

Educates and encourages the main product stakeholders of the Scrum principles. Train and encourage the team to develop in self-organization.

Differences between Scrum Master and Project Manager

One of the ways that the role of Scrum master differs from that of the project manager (Project Manager) is that the latter may have responsibilities for managing people and teams while the Scrum Master does not have one. Scrum does not officially acknowledge the role of the project manager, as traditional trends in project management and control would cause difficulties and problems in Scrum’s software development methodology.

In product development, Scrum team members gather every morning for a meeting to review their progress. During daily meetings, sometimes referred to as scrums, the Scrum Master asks the team members the following three questions:

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What are you doing today?
  • Are there any problems and obstacles related to your work?

Scrum Master’s Responsibilities

Although Scrum Master sounds loud, he is not the project manager and is not responsible for the results. The team and leaders are generally responsible for the results. However, this does not mean that the job is easy. The Scrum Master is responsible for:

  • Assisting the team to reach consensus on what can be achieved over a period of time (Sprint).
  • Assisting the team to reach consensus during their meetings.
  • Helps the team stay focused and follow agreed-upon rules for daily tasks.
  • Remove all possible obstacles that impede team progress.
  • Protecting the team from distraction.

4 thoughts on “What is a Scrum Master and their responsibilities. Differences between Scrum Master and Project Manager.”

  1. Hello! I have experience as a project manager. Can I make an easily and quick transition to a Scrum Master position? I think I will like this position even more?

  2. Hi Marco! Good question. There are many similarities between a project manager position and a Scrum master position. Responsibilities and daily work may also be similar. Working with people you have experienced so far will help you a lot in the transition between professions. There are also many differences. In theory, you will not be responsible for the project. This will be done by Product Managers, Product Ounces and other individuals. You will be mainly responsible for the smooth performance of the work of the people in your team. For this to happen, you will again have communication with many stakeholders, as in your previous project management job. If you have a purpose and an inner desire, try. Undoubtedly, your experience will bring many benefits to you as well as to your projects and teams.

  3. What is Scrum Project Manager? There is also a Scrum Master Project Manager I have also seen such courses and certifications. Is it different? What should I do to read and practice? Please explain.

  4. Hello Blagovesta Filipova!
    There is a Scrum Master Project Manager position already. There is a great similarity to it and the new position and role of Agile Project Manager. Both positions are relatively new due to the entry of Agile principles and practices into project management processes. All world institutions have already placed and updated their teachings with practices similar to the original Scrum Master in the original. This mixed position is called in many ways today. However, to be precise, it is not much different from the normal standard Scrum Master role. You can orient yourself to it. Unfortunately, you will not gain serious experience and knowledge in classic Project management practices and processes. Consider whether or not you qualify in both disciplines. Greetings!

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